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More Holiday Alternatives in Lagos

Holiday apartment Marina Club Lagos Resort in Lagos Algarve.
Here in Marina Club Lagos Resort you can find a good place to enjoy your vacancies in Algarve Apartment for your nice holidays in Lagos Algarve.

The origin of Lagos is associated with the small watercourses, with springs in Espinhaço de Cão, which here formed lagoons bounded by sand dunes. They were moorings rich in fish and shellfish. It soon became a place of interest to many peoples who made it an important trading post.

Here passed Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians. For it fought Romans, Moors and Portuguese. Lacóbriga is the Roman denomination of the village. Later, the Arabs call it Zawiya (Zawaia). In 1249 is definitively integrated in Portuguese territory by D. Afonso III.

However, it is the Arab civilization that most influenced the experience of the coming peoples. Even today, the legacy linguistic, cultural and architectural features are visible.

Are you looking for a place to stay in your holidays in Lagos ?
In Marina Club Lagos Resort Lagos you can find a great place in Lagos to stay in your vacancies in Lagos Portugal, you can find more reviews information about Marina Club Lagos Resort in, here you can find reviews from the best tourist places in Algarve.

Know more about Marina Club Lagos Resort

For your holiday or business, the Marina Club Lagos Resort gives you the possibility to choose between different types of accommodation.
With South view, Marina de Lagos and/or Swimming-pool view and fully equipped to make you feel home at Marina Club Lagos Resort.

Marina de Lagos – Edifício da Administração
8600-315 Lagos
Algarve – Portugal

Algarve Holidays Apartment in Portimão Algarve
Have you check in Portimão for your Apartment Holiday?
Find the perfect holiday rental in Algarve-Férias Holiday Apartments

Are you still looking for a place to rent in Algarve for your vacancies similar to Marina Club Lagos Resort in Lagos ?
In Algarve-ferias you can find more cheap holidays places in Lagos and in all Algarve. We have many homes, villas and apartments for your dream holidays in Algarve Portugal listed in our holidays directory.

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